Life in the CICU

Savannah is in stable condition here in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of Boston Children’s Hospital Medical Center. While the surgery was technically a success, there are several big hurdles that Savannah needs to overcome. Obviously much of our concern is with the heart itself. It needs to heal, but still do its job at the same time. Right now, Savannah’s heart is not beating on its own or keeping rhythm. This is called complete heart block. Right now she is on an external pacemaker using wires running through her chest that keep her heart beating and in sync. Ultimately, a pacemaker will need to be put in if her rhythm does not return on its own.

Otherwise, Savannah is now slowing waking up from sedation. This is being done very slowly, over the course of several days. She is still on a ventilator, but we hope she can get off that tomorrow, Monday, May 25. We are also waiting for her GI tract to wake up, so we’re anxiously anticipating the all important bowel movement.

Savannah is in a stable place, but definitely not a good place. She still has a long road ahead to fully recover. We thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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