Surgery a Success

In short, Savannah’s surgery was a success. She has a four chamber heart! That stated, the actual outcome and duration of recovery is still very much unknown. Savannah is in critical condition in Boston Children’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

The biggest concerns right now are the pressures within her heart, along with the electrical pathways that were disrupted during surgery. She is in complete heart block right now. Surprisingly, this is not an urgent concern as she still needs time to heal. The heart block will either resolve itself completely as the heart heals, restore enough conductivity that medication can help, or she will need a pacemaker. It could be several days or weeks before we start talking pacemaker though. We are hoping and praying that her heart will return to a complete sinus rhythm as it heals and a pacemaker will not be necessary.

We certainly appreciate all your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We will update more details as time allows.

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