Another Big Day

Thursday we will be going to Cincinnati Children’s for a day full of appointments for Savannah. While we don’t expect any surprises, I am still nervous!

We will be seeing ENT to double check her airway issues, but we honestly don’t expect there to be any major problems. Both her pediatrician and her home health nurse have said they have never noticed any signs of airway difficult or breathing difficulties. As the pediatrician put it, this should just be something to “check off the list” and move on. Prayers that it goes that way would be much appreciated!

We will also be seeing immunology. This is to discuss Savannah’s vaccinations and immunity testing, as well as finding out what kind of contact we can have with the outside world. 

We will also see cardiology and they will give Savannah a good cardiac once-over. We are going to be discussing Boston’s proposed surgical plan with them and getting the cardiologist’s input on the situation. I love Savannah’s cardio in Cinci. She is upfront and honest and 100% not afraid to tell us what she thinks is in Savannah’s best interest, even if it takes us away from Cincinnati Children’s for surgery. She is the one who encouraged us to get Savannah’s records in the hands of Boston in the first place. I am anxious to see what she thinks. We will also be talking to them about her reflux and if they think it’s affecting anything enough right now to see a GI or if we should keep doing what we’re doing.

Finally, we will see Nutrition. We will be discussing Savannah’s formula concentration, introducing food, changing formula to help the reflux, and how to get more calories in to her. It will be interesting to see how we move forward with her feeding to support continued growth.

Please pray continually for Savannah. We want her to grow and remain stable so she can be as big as possible before her heart surgery. We need her to remain stable in a cardiac sense, as well. Function needs to remain good, her pulmonary stenosis needs to not get worse, and her oxygenation need to remain high. There is so much ahead of us that is so incredibly scary. We need the Lord to keep His hand on our sweet girl.

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