God’s Handiwork

I’m up late making some copies of Savannah’s heart cath and recent echo so they can be mailed to her Cardiologist in Cincinnati. I wanted to verify that the disc copied properly, so I launched the program and started to look at some of the cath images. They are simply astounding. It’s a miracle that she’s alive at all, but then to watch that little heart beat, despite its many imperfections, is incredible. Ultimately, that little heart will need to be fixed. Without surgical¬†intervention, Savannah would outgrow the capabilities of her heart and go into heart failure, or her oxygen saturation levels would get so far out of whack that she’d get too much or too little blood going to her lungs. But for now, her pressures are in perfect balance. See, she’s supposed to be a blue baby with a condition called cyanosis, but the only blue we see on a routine basis is in her beautiful eyes, not her skin. It’s such a joy to see the surprise on the faces of her doctors and nurses when they look at Savannah. We know the road ahead will still be quite long; but if you don’t believe that God still does miracles, just look at Savannah! We see God’s handiwork everyday.

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