Broken Hearts

Probably more often than I care to admit, there are times where I sit in my office and cry. Today is one of those days. Going through the process of becoming a parent really puts other aspects of life into perspective.  See, it’s more than just Savannah’s broken heart and many health concerns; it’s plainly about love. Loving someone else more than you ever knew you could.

I first experienced this when I married Lori. Falling in love with her has been and continues to be one of the greatest joys of my life.  But yet, having a child is a different ball game. When you first lay eyes on your little baby, you are filled with an indescribable unconditional love. Frankly, this little child has done nothing to earn or deserve your love, but yet you freely give your time, energy, money, health, and life to give them what they need.

As I think about it, I know why God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth to die for us. As a parent, we see God’s sacrifice in a whole new light, and we have new insight into how God feels about us. Thankfully, it doesn’t just stop there. As a Christian, the unconditional love that I feel for my wife and child just doesn’t stop with them. Jesus came to save the world, not just me and my family. Everyone else on the planet matters to God just as much as I do.

This world is filled with so much hurt. Just in my corner of the world today, one of my coworkers is burying her mother. I know two other people that just recently lost their fathers. Yesterday, I saw another co-worker in tears due to concerns in her personal life. I also learned of someone else whose son may have a very serious and lethal form of cancer. Then I think of other parents that Lori and I have connected with who are slowly losing their children to cancer, heart disease, and countless other illnesses. Then just this morning, another “Heart Family” lost their little boy from complications due to his congential heart defects.

“Lord, please comfort these families. Give them peace that only You can give. And may I do what I can, when I can. May I see people as you see them. God heal our land, but break our hearts for your people.”

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