We’re Home!!!

After one week in Cardiac ICU and another week on the cardiac floor, on Wednesday, December 4th, we brought Savannah home to Kokomo.  God truly has blessed our little girl.  Delivery went smoothly for Savannah, and there were minimal complications while in the hospital.

Our thought is that Home is the best place to heal and grow, and thankfully, our doctors agree.  Now that we’re home, Savannah is undergoing a rigorous in-home monitoring program. We have a daily routine that we record and send to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on a regular basis.  This includes weight, oxygen saturation levels, feeding schedule and amount, and more.  We then have twice weekly in-home nursing care, along with weekly visits to the pediatric cardiologist and pediatrician.  Sissy will also be seen by an infectious disease immunologist soon to help us get a better handle on Savannah’s needs.

The fact that we are home certainly makes some things easier, but it’s still a lot to manage.  We’re looking at a trip to Riley Children’s Hospital at least once a week to see her cardiologist, and that will continue until her heart surgery.

In all honesty, we’re not entirely sure when or what surgery she is going to have.  We’ve talked with doctors in Indianapolis, surgeons in Cincinnati, and a surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital. We’ve got mixed messages from all three, as each have different experience levels and surgical resources.

Based on what we’ve heard, we are leaning toward traveling to Boston, Massachusetts for Savannah to have her heart reconstruction surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Dr. Pedro del Nido has already agreed to take Savannah on as a patient.  He is a pioneer of new pediatric cardiology surgical techniques. You can watch a video about him below:


Please continue to pray for Miss Savannah and her family.  We have a very long road ahead.  Your emotional, financial, and prayer support are so greatly appreciated.  Savannah’s little body is calling the shots at this point.  We wait, and she will tell us when surgery is needed.  We are back to wait, see, and prayer!

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  1. Janelle Swan says:

    We praying for a miraculous healing for precious little Savannah. Praying for you and Lori for strength, peace, rest, and for your faith to be increased. Love and prayers for all your families.

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