First Morning

I want to start with a few words of thanks!  We certainly appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

Miss Savannah is now here.  Born Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 2:07 PM weighing 4 lbs, 14 ounces, measuring 17.7 inches long.  Both Mom and Baby are doing quite well.

The biggest initial hurdle was certainly jumped right over with little cause for alarm.  That hurdle was birth and the transition to Savannah breathing on her own.  Sissy is still doing great.  All that stated, that was just the first hurdle.  Already this morning, I’ve had a few more of our biggest concerns confirmed.  The first is that Savannah most likely doesn’t have a spleen.  They weren’t able to find it when they looked with ultrasound last night.

Also, the cardiology fellow just informed me that we’re going to have to schedule her first surgery.  This will be to place a band on her pulmonary artery.  This band will limit the blood flow to her lungs and prevent her from getting wet lung.  While they don’t have to open her heart for this procedure, they will still have to open her chest.  For a little 5 pound baby without a spleen, this is another big hurdle!  Frankly her body was designed to be born.  Her body wasn’t designed for this intervention.  Her first surgery will likely happen within the next few days.  We will certainly share all the details.

Please continue to pray for Baby Savannah along with Lori and me.  This journey has just begun.


  1. Furr Family says:

    We are praying for little Savannah and both of you guys! I cannot imagine what you are dealing with! My husband has heart conditions and no spleen as well but he didn’t have to have his first open heart surgery until he was six. We are thinking of you often and hoping, wishing, and praying for the best!

  2. Janelle Swan says:

    Ryan and Lori, I am praying for you both and for your precious Savannah. Yes, God still is in the miracle business. Our church also will be holding you all up in prayer. I pray God grant you peace, comfort, and the faith you need to receive your miracle. Will keep y’all in our prayers.

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