So much planning is going on – some for things we expected, others for things we never thought we’d be doing….

Knowing that Savannah will need so much help when she arrives and will likely be at Riley for a significant amount of time, we’ve had to start planning differently for her arrival.  We’ve looked at new doctors, we’ve looked at procedures and medical diagnosis information.  It’s a lot to wrap our heads around, but it’s all so necessary now.  I know there will likely be more research and planning involved in the next several weeks, possibly second opinions and involving other hospitals, just to make sure the very best treatment is what we choose.  We love the cardiologist we met at Riley, but with a heart as complex as Savannah’s, the more medical minds we have looking at her, the better we will feel.  We would appreciate any and all prayers while we try to make the best decisions for Savannah.

We’re also trying to plan for more practical things after she arrives….I’m planning on staying with her at Riley until she comes home.  That means I need to find a place to stay until she is ready to come home.  We’ve looked at the Ronald McDonald house, which seems promising if there’s room when we need it.  It also means Ryan will be doing a lot of driving to come down and see us, as he’ll have to go back to work before she is ready to come home.  I will also have to eat while I’m down there and figure out how to replace the income from my business while we’re there.  I’m planning to put some special jewelry pieces in my shop with the goal of having each one do something “specific” – one necklace may help us afford one night at the Ronald McDonald House, another might provide enough gas for Ryan to drive one round-trip to see us.  One way or the other, we’ll figure it all out.  Our little girl will get everything she needs and we will be there with her for all of it.

On a lighter note, we’re planning Savannah’s nursery.  I’ve got paint colors picked out:


The purple will be her main wall color.  The green and blue will be used in a mural that will be on one wall.  Her bedding is in progress, being made by the mothers of two of my good friends.  I’ll post more pictures as there’s more progress!

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue through this journey.  It’s a lot to handle.  Please understand that while we appreciate your concern and prayers, sometimes it’s just too much to have to talk about it over and over and over again.  This blog and the accompanying facebook page will help everyone stay informed while helping us feel less overwhelmed.  We are so thankful for all our family and friends who will support us and walk with us through all of this.


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